How did I set up this blog

Published: 15 Oct 2015 | Updated: 24 Mar 2016 | Tags: jekyll blog

After basic setup of the blog according to GitHub and Jekyll, some other features can be added as follows:


  2. tags

  3. mathjax and here (note: it seems that markdown: redcarpet also works)
    like this
    this $sin(x^2)$, or this numbered equation $(\ref{eq:theeq})$ with reference
    \begin{equation}\label{eq:theeq} \mathbf{X}_{n,p} = \mathbf{A}_{n,k} \mathbf{B}_{k,p} \end{equation}

  4. code highlighting (note: pygmentize.exe locates under Python\Scripts, also check this incompatibility problem between pygments and MathJax)
    like this

    s = "Python syntax highlighting"
    print s
  5. redcarpet markdown configuration and here (note: “superscript” in the redcarpet extension seems to be incompatible with mathjax, so I removed that from _config.yml)
    GitHub doesn’t support redcarpet now, switching to kramdown, following this and this.

And some other notes:

  1. DO NOT trust jekyll’s –watch function: it seems to ignore changes in _config.yml, USE jekyll build each time you changed this file or you suspect something is not updated when using –watch!

  2. jekyll’s –watch seems to ignore _config.yml’s redcarpet extension, this maybe a bug that I should report on GitHub…

  3. MathJax/Latex help

  4. Another nice Chinese blog explaining the setup process