Build LCM from Source on Windows 7/10, MSVC 2010 (vc11), x86

Published: 08 Jul 2016 | Updated: 09 Jul 2016 | Tags: code lcm


  1. Download precompiled binaries ( libs and dlls ) of glib based on discussions here

  2. Download precompiled binaries ( dlls ) of gettext based on discussions here

  3. Unzip them into a same folder, e.g.,
  4. Set environment variable GLIB_PATH with the value as the above folder path

Download Source

  1. Clone LCM from github to a source folder, e.g.,

    cd C:\lib\source   
    git clone

    Of course, you can use the official LCM’s git repository as well.


Open C:\lib\sources\lcm\WinSpecific\LCM.sln and build all. Now you should be able to find all tools of LCM inside the folder C:\lib\sources\lcm\WinSpecific\Release. Enjoy!