Chen Feng in Chinese: 冯晨
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Research Scientist, Ph.D.

Computer Vision Group
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)
201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

E-mail: cforrest[at]umich[dot]edu
MERL's E-mail: cfeng[at]merl[dot]com
Work: 617-621-7546

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BibTex 2 Word Bibliography (B2WB) Tool

Download this MS Word Add-In and open it with MS Word (>2007), You should find a new button under the References tab called "B2WB". Click the button should invoke a dialog for you to: 1) search Google Scholar inside MS Word and fetch the top N (1<=N<=10) BibTex records; and also 2) add them into your MS Word Bibliography Sources so you can cite in your document.


Follow the instruction in this wiki page and you will be able to automatically rename your newly downloaded pdf paper's file name with customizable pattern in Google Chrome.

ASCE Bibliography Style File for Microsoft Word 2010

Follow the instruction in this wiki page and you will be able to create in-text citation and bibliography in ASCE style very easily in MS Word 2010 (might also work for Word 2007, though not tested yet...).

My Chinese translation of "Probability Theory : the Logic of Science"

(I do not get any kind of warrant to translate this book. I just feel like this is such a great book about probability theory, and it should be recognized by more people, so please do not use this for any commercial purpose. ^_^):

Chapter 1. Plausible Reasoning.

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Chen.Typical Programming Sequence of CERTI.